Sr. Margaret Ann’s prowess with a chainsaw, which launched her into internet fame during the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, is now being commemorated in a new craft beer made by Due South Brewing Company in Boynton Beach, Florida.

The brew is an Indian Pale Ale entitled “Nun with a Chainsaw”, with a can design reminiscent of horror movie posters just in time for Halloween – the words ‘A Chainsaw’ scrawled in jagged red print across a light blue can.

The brewery said they wanted to commemorate Sr. Margaret Ann’s hard work in the Irma aftermath. The high school principal and Carmelite sister was caught on video in full habit sawing down fallen trees that were blocking a road after the storm hit.

“That story really resonated with us. The nun going out … Who else is going to go out and chop down all the debris? We all dealt with that. I know I did,” Doug Fairall, Due South Brewing marketing manager, told

“We’re having fun with it, for sure. But it was a serious event that took place here. She symbolized us all being brought out of our element to do what had to be done,” Fairall said.

The new brew was officially released on Oct. 20, and is available in draft and in 16 oz cans. More information can be found at