The March for Life in Washington, D.C. on January 22, 2016. Credit: Jeffrey Bruno

Is anyone else exhausted after defending their position as a pro-life feminist? I’m pretty sure my brain and my wrists have both developed some form of carpal tunnel in the past 36-48 hours.

It all started when the Women’s March booted the group “New Wave Feminists” from their list of sponsors for being pro-life. The organizers of the event decided that a woman is not considered woman enough to sponsor an event for women if she finds the killing of children in the womb of women morally objectionable. For two excellent responses to this particular debacle, click here and here.

While this wave of necessary pro-life apologetics will likely die down after the Women’s March this weekend, I’m afraid we’ve got a long road ahead of us as President Trump takes the stand tomorrow.


There are real and legitimate concerns that many women – and indeed most varieties of people – have for what may happen when the unpredictable and unfortunately spray-tanned former reality T.V. star assumes the Oval Office.

One concern that many in the pro-choice camp have is whether he will de-fund Planned Parenthood, and what effect that may have on women’s access to healthcare.

Three videos from Live Action have recently resurfaced that use Planned Parenthood facts to, well, debunk Planned Parenthood facts. The organization has become a master at twisting statistics to the point of absurdity and then repeating them to the public with such frequency and volume that they are believed as fact. These may help the next time you are met with some of these misleading statistics as a reason for keeping Planned Parenthood federal funding.

This video debunks the oft-repeated “3% of what we do is abortion statistic” with statistics from Planned Parenthood’s own report:

And this video tells the truth about the “I went to Planned Parenthood and all I got was” meme:


And finally, this video gives 10 of the main reasons why the for-profit clinics should no longer receive federal funding: