Some joked it was apocalyptic – the Cubs won the World Series in game seven with extra innings after waiting 108 years to make it back to the Series.

Is it possible they had help from above?

The Cubs team chaplain is Fr. Burke Masters, a Catholic priest who played college baseball at Mississippi State University. Throughout the World Series, he gave several televised blessings to his team on ESPN, and celebrated Mass for the team on Oct. 30, a tradition when the Cubs play at home on a Sunday.


But winning, Fr. Masters said, was not the primary message of his homily that day.

“This is an important game and I love baseball and I obviously want the Cubs to win, but also to keep perspective that there are bigger things than baseball,” he told ESPN’s Matt Barrie.

“And what I found as a player was when I kept things in perspective I relaxed and actually played better, and that’s my hopes for the Cubs.”

He then gave a blessing for the Cubs, asking for their safety and that they would play in a way that gave glory to God.

After another Cubs victory in Game 6, Fr. Masters was back again, blessing the team on T.V. as they headed in to their victorious Game 7.

“Lord we thank you and praise you for this gift of baseball, we thank you for all these players, we ask you to help them to relax and play to the best of their ability, keep them safe. And may all that they do and the way that they play give you honor and glory,” he prayed.


“And may Almighty God bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen. Go Cubs!” he said, sporting a Cubs shirt with his Roman collar poking through.

Whether or not the Cubs won on account of divine intervention, their chaplain is legit. Check out his inspiring conversion and vocation story at:

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