This week in Catholic news:

Outrage over new CDC announcement hilariously unites women across political spectrums:

glass of wine



It was probably hard to miss at least some of the news about the CDC’s latest recommendation, which is essentially that all women of childbearing age who have a snowball’s chance in Arizona of getting pregnant should refrain from alcohol (or as The Atlantic brilliantly put it, “The Devil Drink”) lest they put their potential offspring at risk for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Complete with condescending infographic, the federal agency and their announcement got blasted by bloggers from seemingly all corners of the Internets who would otherwise rarely agree on anything: Salon, Buzzfeed, Catholic News Agency’s Jenny Uebbing  (with the one-two punch)Simcha Fischer, even the Onion couldn’t resist joining in on the fun. Uniting them all? The audacity of believing that women are intelligent beings with fully functioning brains who can make their own informed decisions about alcohol and their fertility.

St. Padre Pio’s partially incorrupt remains are on tour:

One of the big buzzes this week was that St. Padre Pio and St. Leopold Mandic’s partially incorrupt bodies have arrived in Rome, as part of an initiative for the Jubliee of Mercy. They will remain for a week of vigils, Masses and stops at several Roman churches, including St. Peter’s Basilica, before returning to their usual place of repose.

As the news and photos kept pouring in, I couldn’t help but reflect on how objectively weird this must seem to anyone outside the Catholic world. And even, let’s be honest, some of those within. We dig up holy people’s bodies, check out how decayed they may or may not be, and then take them on tour! What a bunch of weirdos, am I right? (But really, if you’re looking for a good explainer for relics and the like, here’s one.)

Allegedly fake priest busted in L.A. by “professional Church ladies”

You really can’t make this stuff up. A 59 year-old man in Los Angeles, Calif. spend several months reportedly masquerading as a visiting priest before allegedly messing up a particular feast day Mass, altering all of the “professional Church ladies” that a fake was in their midst. But this was not before he was able to swindle thousands of dollars from unsuspecting Catholics on bogus promises of a trip to see Pope Francis during his U.S. visit, police say.

And a couple of videos for you….

Super Bowl 50 is this weekend (Go Broncos!), but did you know that the Super Bowl is pro-life? Sort of. Check this out:

Much of the country got dumped with several inches of snow this weekend, prompting the Sister of Life in Denver to test out their cross country skis, as captured by this raw video: