I, like many others of my generation, grew up on PBS. We didn’t have cable, but I loved shows like ZOOM and Arthur and Reading Rainbow so I didn’t much care.

The first time I ever heard the full story of Our Lady of Guadalupe was actually on PBS’ Wishbone, a show about a dog and his owner Joe that incorporated famous stories and works of literature. Even in college classes, I would recall the image of Wishbone as Homer in The Odyssey or as the Count of Monte Cristo to make sure I was correctly remembering the story.


Here’s one part of the Our Lady of Guadalupe story, with Wishbone as St. Juan Diego.

Wishbone: Viva Wishbone Part 2

Story: Our Lady of Guadalupe Contemporary Story: Joe buys a music box for his mother, but it gets broken and the store’s policy doesn’t allow him to return it. I DO NOT OWN THIS!!!