What moves you?

It’s amazing how such a simple question can cause us to pause and think.


Life moves so quickly. There is always another task to be done, a crisis to solve, somewhere we need to be, something we need to be doing.

But it is so important to occasionally take a step back and evaluate our lives with such simple but important questions. So, at the risk of sounding pretentious, I’m going to quote Socrates: “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

And, though I’m not sure the world can handle Socrates and Beyonce in one post, I’m going to try. Watching the above video, I was reminded of her music video “Pretty Hurts”. In it, Beyonce is a model in the midst of a beauty competition when a question from the MC startles her back to reality: “What is your aspiration in life?”

And she’s not quite sure how to answer, at first.

Socrates and Beyonce: Pondering life's big questions.

Socrates and Beyonce: Pondering life’s big questions.

So let’s take this blog post to examine and reflect.

What moves me? What am I aspiring to? And what does it all mean?

In the video at the top of this post, a lot of the responses are similar: family, friends, and love seem to be common things that move the average person on 16th street in Denver, Colorado.


I would agree that family moves me as well. But what does that mean?

I’d say for us to be able to say that something truly moves us, we should be able to say that whatever moves us affects concrete things in our life. Do I make time for what moves me? Does it affect what I think and say and do?

I can look at the way I interact with my family and see proof of how their love moves me. I make plans to spend time with them, I communicate with them regularly, I pray for them. I can look at my life and see that they move me, but I can also see areas where I can do more for these most important people in my life.

I would say the same thing goes for faith.

As a person of faith, one of my answers to the question “What moves me?” would be Jesus Christ.

But is He having a concrete impact in my life? Is He affecting my schedule at all? Am I making time for Him, communicating with him, doing things that I can point to in my day and say, “that was for Him”?

Similarly with my family, I can look at my life and say, “Yes, sometimes, but I can also see areas where I can do more.”

That is what’s so necessary about taking time to reflect on such questions and take stock in our life.

In Beyonce’s video, she’s forced to admit that while she looks fabulous on the outside, her “soul needs surgery”.

By examining what moves us and what we’re aspiring to, we can figure out if it is also our souls that need surgery, and what course of action to take.

And that’s what Chris Stefanick’s video is inviting college students from around the country to do during the first days of 2015 at SEEK, the annual conference for FOCUS: The Fellowship of Catholic University Students.

According to their website, SEEK is: a place where we can come together to take on some of life’s BIGGER questions and, like guides along the way, learn from one another where wisdom and experience lead.

It’s a place where soul-searchers, be they great philosophers or glamorous pop-singers or anything in between, can come and SEEK answers and truth together (see what I did there?).

Besides Chris Stefanick, the lineup for the conference includes Catholic speakers such as Matt Fradd, Helen Alvare, and Fr. Mike Schmitz as well as a performance by comedian Jim Gaffigan. Interested college students can register online for the Jan. 1-5 conference.