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The Catholic origins of April Fools Day

Are you planning on pulling some pranks on your friends for April Fool’s Day? You may have the Catholic Church to thank, according to some historical accounts. As the Denver Catholic reports: “It was Pope Gregory XIII who, in 1582, would unknowingly give rise to the world’s silliest holiday. He issued a decree ordering that all […]

The Zookeeper’s Wife is a story worth telling

  Besides the inherent drama present in any story involving Nazis and Jewish people during World War II, the careful combination of whimsy and horror in “The Zookeeper’s Wife” – a sort of “We Bought A Zoo” meets “Schindler’s List” – makes it uniquely intriguing and compelling. The film is based on the true story […]

Poll: How is your Lent going?

We have just passed the half way mark in Lent, and Catholic News Agency wants to know how you are feeling. Pope Francis has recently encouraged the Church to seek the true light of Christ, especially in our interactions with other people. He has also urged for a greater removal of “objects” or “false lights” which […]

Pope makes top three on Fortune’s ‘World’s Greatest Leaders’ List

  Pope Francis ranked third in Fortune 500’s annual list of 50 of the “World’s Greatest Leaders.” The magazine praised Francis as the “first Latin American pope (who) continues to inspire and surprise as he reconciles the conflicting demands of traditionalism and modernity within the Catholic faith.” It also praised his continued “critique of capitalism without […]

The Catholic origins of McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish

With sales reaching around 300 million per year, the Filet-O-Fish is one of McDonald’s most popular sandwiches. But what many customers may not realize is that the sandwich was created by Catholics and for Catholics nearly 50 years ago. In 1962, a man named Lou Groen had opened the first McDonald’s franchise in Cincinnati, Ohio. […]

The epic icy Mass of Michigan Tech

It seems to be becoming a tradition – students at St. Albert the Great University Parish at Michigan Tech University have once again built a chapel of snow and ice, and were able to have Mass celebrated for them there.  Construction included beams and plywood to support and mold the ice and snow:   The most impressive […]

Poll: What is your favorite title for St. Joseph?

On Monday, we celebrated the feast day for St. Joseph, the husband of Mary. However, the Catholic Church has many titles for St. Joseph. What is your favorite title for St. Joseph? On Monday we celebrated the feast day for St. Joseph, the husband of Mary. However, the Catholic Church has many o… in Catholic […]

Poll: Would you have been able to handle Lent a hundred years ago?

The basic requirements for the Lenten sacrifice used to be a lot more difficult. Guidelines from a 1906 article showed that meat was allowed once a day during the only meal of the day. This was required everyday beside Sunday. In your opinion, would you have been able to handle Lent a hundred years ago? […]

Watch: Why these missionaries are building cookstoves in Peru

On a recent mission trip to the village of Llupa, Peru, twelve missionaries with the Catholic group Creatio helped build cleaner cookstoves for the people of the village. Here’s why: “We went into the old houses and you could see from the old cookstoves smoke and soot all over the walls from the smoke coming […]

Watch: Soldiers restore Virgin Mary statue smashed by ISIS

After five months of fighting, the Battle for Mosul rages on. Iraqi forces are pushing further west into the city and recovering more territory once occupied by the so-called Islamic State. Last week, advocacy group This is Christian Iraq posted a video to their Facebook page of Iraqi soldiers from the Babylonian Brigade restoring and […]