If you’re looking for a quick, easy and cute way to learn about the Pope, look no further. You might recognize these cartoons by Catholic Link from the election of Pope Francis. I remember seeing the cartoon version of Jorge Bergoglio/Pope Francis’ life being shared all over my friends’ social media pages.

If you don’t remember, you can watch it below. By the way, in cartoon world, the Petrine ministry requires only four fingers. Don’t let that distract you.


They have also produced one for the life of St. John Paul II, which I am including below, because he’s my favorite.

They have also started producing “Pope Francis minute” videos, which take the recent words of the Holy Father and put them into cartoon form. BONUS: Can you spot people wearing The Dress in the opening St. Peter’s square scene?

You can subscribe to Catholic Link’s channel and get all of the Pope Francis minute updates at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgDvANYiM769i2DL4wU_5ag