Floro Flores via Twitter.

Floro Flores via Twitter.

A professional Italian soccer player has offered to adopt a baby who was abandoned under a train seat last month.

The conductor found the baby wrapped in a wool shawl, a pajama top and put in a plastic grocery bag, according to Italy’s The Local.

The baby boy — who has been named Francesco in honor of the Holy Father — was only about 3 or 4 days old when he was found, but appeared to be healthy.

After hearing the news, Antonio Floro Flores, a Sassuolo forward and father of three, offered to adopt the baby, according to Football Italia

After the news broke, Flores took to Twitter to explain that after seeing little Francesco’s profile, his family “followed what our hearts told us.”

“Before a footballer, I am a father. I’m certainly not a hero!” he added. “We are going through the regular procedures.”