There’s something that fascinates the world about watching habited nuns do otherwise very ordinary things – what else could explain the popular Nuns Having Fun calendar, or recent uptick in nun-themed television series, or Chainsaw Nun, media darling of Hurricane Irma?

This phenomenun (get it) could also explain why Sr. Agnus Dei was featured on the sport’s site ‘Runner’s World’.

“Most runners pick their running clothes based on a few critical factors: comfort, sweat-wicking ability, perhaps color and style,” author Blane Bachelor wrote.


“But when lacing up her running shoes, Sister Mary Agnus Dei never has to make a decision on what else she’ll wear. Agnus Dei, a nun, always runs in her habit (a long-sleeved, gray, dress-like garment), her vest, and her veil. Peeking out from the hem are Nike Free shoes and, above each ankle, a flower tattoo.”

Sr. Agnus Dei is a member of the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT), a community of religious sisters based in New Mexico. She told Runner’s World that she doesn’t feel inhibited by her habit – she’s used to running in it, and used to the stares and comments that it evokes.

“It’s humbling that I get to wear this. Some people [see me running and] say, ‘Oh how cute,’ or ‘for real?’ But you just go with it. I don’t see it as a limitation by any means.”

Recently, Sr. Agnus Dei served for several years in Seattle, where she could be spotted most days of the week logging 4-6 miles on the streets, praying for those she encountered.

“That’s the beauty about running and traveling the city on your feet: You encounter people and you can pray for them,” she says. “You can see that somebody has distress on their face, and say, ‘Lord help them, whatever they are going through.’”

She also completed the Seattle half-marathon with her brother before being moved to a new assignment in Detroit, Michigan, where she plans on continuing to run, though she’s unsure if she’ll train for another race.


“Serving is my priority,” Sr. Agnus Dei said. “I don’t know if realistically I would be able to dedicate that much time to training. If the opportunity came, I would probably just gut through it.”

Sr. Agnus Dei is not the only nun on the run. “Nun run”- themed half marathons, 5Ks and fun runs have become popular all over the country, with orders like the Sisters for Life and the Little Sisters of the Poor sponsoring them regularly.

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