How a Catholic Saved the Pilgrims at Thanksgiving

Did you know that Thanksgiving may not have happened if a group a Franciscan monks hadn’t rescued Squanto from the slave trade? Yes, it was an returned act of kindness that resounds through history even to his day.

Did you know that Squanto, the Native American hero who saved the pilgrims from starvation on their first Thanksgiving, was a Catholic?


Neither did I, until I watched Dr. Taylor Marshall lay out the facts in a Youtube video.

Squanto was enslaved by the English – by John Smith, to be exact. You remember John Smith, from Pocahontas? Yeah, he’s not the innocent blonde-haired blue-eyed boy Disney made him out to be. Smith actually intended to sell Squanto with a group of Native Americans in the slave trade, but they were freed by Spanish Franciscans.

Squanto was soon baptized and catechized in the Catholic faith, and went to England to work in the shipyards where he learned English, which allowed him to communicate to the (almost certainly anti-Catholic) Puritan pilgrims for the first Thanksgiving.

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