Despite the tensions surrounding pro-lifers’ presence at the Women’s March on Washington this weekend, at the very least the controversy led to one bright spot: somewhat sympathetic treatment by mainstream comedy show Saturday Night Live.

(Warning: the video below contains some graphic language)



In the January 21 “Weekend Update” segment, SNL cast member and “Weekend Update co-host” Michael Che discusses the Women’s March on Washington, which was held earlier that day. “It was an amazing show of support for feminism,” Che said, “but some feminist groups were asked not to march because of their pro-life views, which raises the question: ‘What makes a feminist a feminist?’ It’s confusing.”

Che pointed to his mother’s experience raising “seven kids by herself” and joked about whether or not her definition really nailed what feminism means before taking a stab at defining feminism himself. “A feminist is really just someone who believes in rights for women, and that’s easy to get behind. Until you get behind a feminist wearing a uterus hat and then you’re like, ‘There are levels to this,’ he joked. “I just think it’s weird to have a special name for just being a reasonable person, because that’s all it is.”

Pro-life feminists and other potential Women’s March participants with pro-life views gained national attention last week after The Atlantic published a piece highlighting pro-life women attending the Women’s March on Washington. The story garnered strong opposition to the groups’ official participation in the march and resulted in march organizers revoking partnership status with New Wave Feminists and other groups.

That, in turn, drew trepidation from pro-life activists who had planned on marching but now wondered if they would be welcome at all – stories addressed in the LA Times and Washington Post. Other publications like Vox looked at whether it’s possible to even be a pro-life feminist from both a theoretical approach, as well as what some feminists believed. A host of other publications like Buzzfeed and the Huffington Post followed pro-life groups at the Women’s March.

The SNL segment follows last week’s reminder by the comedy show that early feminist and women’s suffrage leader Susan B. Anthony strongly opposed abortion, repeatedly calling the practice out  as “murder” and “infanticide.”


What a time to be alive.