Nuns having fun doesn’t just happen in old-timey pictures on calendars sold at Barnes and Noble.

Slovakian Sr. Maria Pavla Hudacekova wowed crowds at an ice rink when she showed off her skating moves – complete with a 12-spin pirouette – in full habit, The Daily Mail reported. 

The Ursuline sister was a junior champion ice-skater as a youth, and was visiting an ice rink in the capital city of Bratislava with her sisters when a teen with a phone (of course) caught her moves on camera and posted them online, making Sister an instant sensation.


Sister Maria told Christian news website Zasvateny Zivot: “I did not like ice skating races, but I liked to perform. My joy was in the audience.”

Ten years into religious life, Sr. Maria said she still finds time to practice her skating, and even uses her hobby as an opportunity to evangelize.

“I used to hold religious meetings with ice hockey players. I spoke to them about Jesus and supported them.”

She also coaches young figure skaters and teaches Math and IT at the Primary school of St Ursula in Bratislava.