TeenVogue can’t make up it’s mind about abortion.

On the one hand, they see the need to promote it as a nonchalant procedure that is a normal part of the teenage experience.


On the other, they seem to recognize that the procedure is not the same as getting a tooth pulled at the dentist. However, in one of their most recent controversial pieces featuring a slideshow of 11 gifts to get your post-abortive friend, the author is dismissive of the idea that post-abortion pain may be caused by something other than judgmental people.

“She will need a ride, she will need a hug, and she will need you — not because the act itself is so terrible, but because sometimes the world can be,” author Whitney Bell explains. (This article comes just days after an Episcopal priest explained why he is pro-choice in an op-ed for the teen magazine.)

But say that their suffering is caused by nothing more than a judgmental society is to dismiss the real pain and suffering of many women who have had abortions. And after a woman, and especially a teenager, has had an abortion, she will need much more than the uterus pins and Girl Power paraphenalia suggested by TeenVogue to get her through the experience.

In response to the slideshow, Students for Life of America posted a video with things you can actually do to support a post-abortive friend, including listening, paying attention to your friend’s physical and emotional well-being, and maintaining a strong friendship throughout her journey. Check it out:

Here are some of the post-abortion resources they recommend in the video:

1. AbortionChangesYou.com, which includes stories from other women and a search function that connects you to healing resources in your area.


2. Rachel’s Vineyard retreats, which are weekend retreats offered throughout the United States for post-abortive women and men who are seeking “restoration, renewal and healing.”

3. HopeAfterAbortion.com, a website of Project Rachel ministries, which includes testimonies from post-abortive women about grief and healing, suggestions for how to talk to a friend who’s had an abortion, and links to multiple resources.

4. Optionline.org offers resources both for pregnant and post-abortive women. In particular, they offer a Helpline that women can text, call or e-mail if they are in need of emotional support.

A couple other websites I’d recommend:

5. Wellcatholic.com is a website where you can search and find Catholic doctors for either physical or psychological needs.

6. This page from the Sisters of Life, based out of New York, that offers resources and information regarding healing after abortion, including healing retreats offered by the Sisters.