Catholic news you may have missed during the week:

1. Last Saturday, I jokingly texted a friend of mine chaperoning the March for Life, asking if he was stuck on a bus in a snowdrift. He said: yes. (And I felt bad for joking.) So what do dozens of pro-life high school and college students do when stranded on the Pennsylvania Turnpike for over 24 hours? Build snow altars and have Mass, of course!

2. Interesting papal guests of the week included the President of Iran and Leonardo DiCaprio (yes, THE). The former talked religious freedom and nuclear deals with the Pope, while the latter chatted about the environment (and asked for extra prayers for the upcoming Academy Awards. probably.).  

3. The world marked Holocaust Memorial Week, just as Pope Francis declared this concentration camp priest a martyr, opening up the path to his beatification. Father Unzeitig was imprisoned at Dachau, nicknamed “the largest monastery in the world” for the amount of priests and ministers the Nazis imprisoned there.

4. Flint, Michigan is continuing to have major water issues. Here’s how the Catholic Church is responding, and how you can help.

5. The Zika virus, a mosquito-transmitted, blood-borne disease that is known to cause birth defects in pregnant women, is continuing to spread across the Americas, prompting some governments to tell women to simply “not get pregnant for two years.” This creates obvious dilemmas for NFP-practicing, pro-life Catholics, as “Mama Needs Coffee” blogger Jenny Uebbing explains.

Just because it’s cute: A little girl in South Carolina was caught on baby monitor video saying her prayers, asking God’s blessing on many things and people including mommy, daddy and Santa Claus:



Have a great weekend!