Archbishop Charles Chaput. Credit: Joaquín Peiró Pérez / CNA.


A study guide with questions for discussion has been released to go with Archbishop Charles J. Chaput’s most recent book, Strangers in a Strange Land: Living the Catholic Faith in a Post-Christian World.

Published by Henry Holt and Co., the book was released in February and takes a hard look at how Catholics in the United States can live their faith in a public square which has become post-Christian.


The Philadelphia archbishop told CNA at the time of the book’s release that it delves into changes seen in American public life in recent years, the role technology has played in these changes, and the place of law in the country’s ethos.

The study guide, which can be accessed on the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s website, includes questions to help readers engage with each chapter of the book.

Questions for reflection include: “What are some signs of hope and growth for the Church internationally?” and “Why is remembering our nation’s history, and remembering it honestly and accurately, so important?”

Other topics discussed are natural law, Christian and secular understandings of dignity, the sexual revolution, the Enlightenment, and Saul Alinksy’s “Rules for Radicals.”

It also touches on Catholic cultural discussion over what is known as the “Benedict Option.” Noting that the book pulls from the writings of St. Augustine, the study guide asks, “Why does the author see Augustine as the ideal model for our times, rather than St. Benedict or some other saint?”