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Poll: Do you think prenatal tests for Down Syndrome are a good idea?

After a report indicated that nearly 100 percent of fetuses tested for Down Syndrome in Iceland have been aborted, pro-life advocates have voiced concerns about prenatal tests. We want to know how you feel about these tests used in preparation for the birth of a child with Down Syndrome. Do you think prenatal tests for […]

How to Save a Life

*By Mary Rezac With an abortion rate of 92 percent, babies with a pre-natal diagnosis of Down syndrome are the human equivalent to an endangered species. An oft-cited reason for abortion is the claim that no one would be willing to adopt these “unwanted” children. But Father Vander Woude, the lead pastor at Holy Trinity […]

Tim ‘the Man’ Harris

Tim Harris is not your typical young adult. As many post-grads are still trying to figure out why in the world they thought it was a good idea to major in Comparative Literature only to get a job at Starbucks, Tim is pursuing his dreams. At 27, he already has more medals than Michael Phelps, […]