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If you think it’s necessary to ban refugees, you still need to pray for them

President Trump’s executive order on refugees has quickly become one of the most heated political decisions of his new presidency. The policy halts the refugee admissions program for 120 days. It stops all entry for 90 days of those coming from seven countries deemed to be compromised by terrorism. And it bars Syrian refugees indefinitely. […]

Poll: Do you agree with President Trump’s indefinite ban on Syrian refugees?

Last week, President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning immigrants from seven countries in the Middles East to keep out radical terrorists. The order bans entry from several countries for the next 90 days, but bans Syrian refugees indefinitely. Many bishops are concerned the order may not offer relief for the heightened needs of […]

‘My people are suffering,’ Syrian archbishop says

By Mark Riedemann* “Many Muslims are now shy to declare themselves Muslim. Several Muslims told me: ‘I am ashamed—I do not understand that Islam is like that.’ So I think it is the time for a true dialogue. I think it is the day of the Lord perhaps. I have to take my Cross in […]

A Litany for Syria, via Fr. Finigan

In light of the humanitarian crisis related to the Syrian civil war – 100k dead already, and 1.9m refugees – and a current push by some Western nations to intervene, it seems we would do well to spend time praying for that country. Fr. Timothy Finigan, a parish priest to the south east of London, […]