Did anyone see the #ThankANun tweets, posts, and pins jammed between photos of sombreros and margaritas yesterday? The social media initiative was part of Thank A Nun Day, during which people from across the nation voiced their gratitude for the religious sisters who have impacted their lives.

Here were some of our favorite posts:

Thank A Nun Day was inspired by the book Five Years in Heaven, which details the unlikely friendship of a 31-year-old writer at a crossroads in his life and a spirited 87-year-old Benedictine sister.

“It was really a wonderful period in my life where she was very much a light in the darkness,” Schlimm told CNA of the unexpected friendship. “Sr. Augustine was able to give me a glimpse of heaven right here on earth through the answers that she imparted to me and the wisdom she shared with me…particularly in that humble space of her ceramic shop and studio.”

“I’m hoping that for readers who come to the book, she will also serve that purpose.”

Schlimm said he hopes Thank A Nun Day and his book will inspire young readers to reconnect with grandparents or elderly religious in their community, whom he said often go unseen and even unappreciated.

“I think particularly our sisters and our priests, (“Five Years in Heaven”) will give a beautiful new perspective on just how important they are to our communities and to each one of us.”

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