Last weekend, the Pope welcomed participants in the Pilgrimage for Families to the tomb of St. Peter as part of the Year of Faith. While the event boasted balloons, acrobats and music, the event was made even more festive when a little boy wandered on stage and made himself at home with the Holy Father.

10-30-13_CTV screenshot_boy in yellow

Papa Francesco didn’t seem to mind and even showed the child his pectoral cross, to which the little boy responded by kissing it.


10-30-13_CTV screenshot_Pectoral cross kiss

The little boy then wandered off somewhere behind the Holy Father only to reappear a few moments later.

10-30-13_CTV screenshot_back again

As the representatives from all over the world finish their speeches and make their way to greet the Holy Father, the boy remains by his side…

10-30-13_CTV screenshot_serious

… even when a cardinal tries to escort him back to his seat on the steps.

10-30-13_CTV screenshot_cardinal


Instead, the boy decides to stay on stage and help Pope Francis greet the speakers, much to the amusement of the same cardinal who tried to return the child to his seat.

10-30-13_CTV screenshot_welcome

Apparently the little guy decides the Holy Father is taking too long when he ushers the girl waiting with her family to come forward.

10-30-13_CTV screenshot_welcome2

As the Pope begins his address another man steps in to try to get the boy to sit back down, this time by bribing him with candy…

10-30-13_CTV screenshot_candy

… but even that won’t convince him to leave his Papa.

10-30-13_CTV screenshot_hug

(Although he does appreciate the candy, thank you very much.)

10-30-13_CTV screenshot_thanks for the candy

The boy remains by Pope Francis’ side …

10-30-13_CTV screenshot_by his side

But, as one can imagine, helping the Holy Father is hard work so the boy takes a rest in the Pope’s seat.

10-30-13_CTV screenshot_seated

Who knows, maybe we were watching the future Pope Francis II up there?

10-30-13_CTV screenshot_up again3

Perhaps we could take some pointers from this little guy and approach God with the same fidelity and persistence as he does the Pope?

To watch coverage of the whole event from Vatican Television, click here.