Here’s some news to warm your heart this Advent season.

A Muslim-owned restaurant in London is offering free three-course meals on Christmas day to the elderly and the homeless.

In a handwritten note, shared through a Facebook post, the restaurant encouraged its followers to share the post and spread the news to ensure that “No one eats alone on a Christmas Day!”


“We are here to sit with you. . . . Any homeless or elderly are welcomed.”

The sign was created by Shish Restaurant, a Muslim-owned Turkish restaurant in London.

The handwritten sign included the menu: a starter of soup and cacik (a Turkish yogurt dip), choice of chicken casserole, vegetarian casserole or chicken shish for the main course, and rice pudding for dessert. (The restaurant has playfully promised in Facebook comments that they will not be stingy on helpings of pudding.)

The post has been liked more than 1,000 times and shared more than 3,400 times.

Restaurant manager Irsan Can Genc told CNN that the idea for the free Christmas meal came after an elderly woman walked into the restaurant in early November asking for help to close a window.

The woman mentioned afterward that she would be alone for Christmas. She reminded Genc of his own mother in Turkey, whom he had not seen in five years. He and his staff then began planning ways to help others in need.


“It’s not about religion, language or culture,” Genc told CNN. “It’s about community.”

The handwritten sign has been transformed into a poster on display in the window for all to see.


Genc told the Associated Press that he’s expecting a crowd on Christmas Day. According to reports from the BBC, dozens of volunteers have offered to help cook, serve and clean at the restaurant on Christmas Day.

“In the culture we come from, we really love to help people no matter what race or religion they are,” Genc said.