Courtesy of Holy Name Parish.

Courtesy of Holy Name Parish.

When I spoke with Father Daniel Cardo for my recent article Why a former altar girl changed her mind on boy-only altar servers, he shared something with me that was very moving. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to fit it into the article so I’d like to share it here.

Fr. Cardo is the pastor of Holy Name Parish in Denver. He recently spearheaded a new sacristan program for young girls in the parish titled “The Sacristans of Saint Therese of Lisieux.” The program has been a smash success with the girls at his parish. He said the young parishioners take great pride in their role of preparing materials before and after Masses.

But, what I didn’t include in the article was Fr. Cardo’s inspiration for the unique sacristan program. Fr. Cardo said he was inspired by the testimony of parishioner Agnes Brady, who passed away in 2014 after serving as Holy Name’s unofficial sacristan for a number of years.


“I really think she was a saint,” Fr. Cardo told me. “She took care of everything with an incredible feminine care. Her attitude of service, reverence, and feminine attention to the details was constantly moving for me.”

“When she passed away, I thought that one of the most beautiful testimonies she left was her care of the liturgy and the sacristy.”

I think it’s a safe to say that most parishes have an Agnes Brady. Why not take this opportunity to reach out and thank them for their humble behind-the-scenes service of your parish and the Church at large?