Sometimes the World Wide Web feels like the Old West: it’s big and lawless and there’s lots of swearing (or maybe that’s just what I imagine the Old West was like).

Then sometimes, sometimes, you realize there’s a good reason the Internet exists. And it’s so that things like this can reach as many people as possible:


What impressed me about this post was not just the young man’s honesty, but the scores of people who shared their own stories about choosing life for their unborn children, even when they were afraid .

I generally avoid digging too deeply into the combox. Things can get ugly pretty quickly. But when I saw this post, I just kept scrolling through with a smile on my face reading about all the parents who were so thankful for their kids to be alive today.

Even more telling is how some people mention laws put in place to help the mother make an informed decision, such as requiring an ultrasound or a waiting period before getting an abortion:

I was 16 and pregnant and also went to an abortion clinic. They did an ultrasound and turned the screen away from me. The doctor said I wasn’t allowed to see because it might make me change my mind. I started crying, sat up and said “I think I just did, I’m keeping my baby” now my son is almost 9 years old and I don’t know what I’d do without him.

My boyfriend wanted me to get an abortion with our daughter. I went to the abortion clinic. I had the ultrasound and everything to tell how far along I was. But in Louisiana you have to wait 24 hours to actually have the procedure. I am so thankful for that because I couldn’t do it. My daughter will be 5 on Sunday. I am sooo happy I didn’t have the abortion. She saved me. I was acting reckless. Doing things had no business doing. I honestly know that she saved my life.

Then there’s the adoptive parent who is grateful for the birthmother’s courage for choosing life for their child:

My first child is adopted and she’s almost 3 months old. Her birth mom is one of the bravest people I know and she had made two appointments to go to an abortion clinic, but the both times she couldn’t go through with it. I’m forever grateful to her for giving us what we struggled for years to have.


And there’s one young woman who felt “pushed” towards abortion by Planned Parenthood and others:

It’s funny because when I found out I was pregnant at 20, the first thing I thought was abortion. I went to Planned Parenthood, my school’s clinic, and other places for advice but they all pushed me towards abortion. I remember taking the train one day, in tears because I felt so lost and I asked God what should I do, and no lie, a giant billboard came into view stating ‘it’s a boy’ that took my breath away but needless to say I am now a proud mother of a 9 month old beautiful baby boy and I feel like my life had no meaning prior to his existence.

One commenter thanks her parents, who were in a similar situation, for choosing life:

My parents were in the same situation, physically at the clinic too, I am now 25, college graduated, thankful for life and all it has, and even more blessed to say that although my mother brought me into this world my father gave me the opportunity of life, many blessings to you and your family, may you get to see her great grandchildren!

And one woman who could recognize that her “timing” wasn’t great, but the decision to have her son was:

I became a mother at 16… I tip my hat to you… Sure timing wasn’t the best but I don’t regret for a moment having my son. It’s about taking responsibility for your actions and doing everything you possibly can for the life you created!! My son is now 11 and such a special sweet young man we have a bond like no other<3

With the curtain being pulled back even further on what actually happens during an abortion — and what can happen to the child’s body parts after — it’s so inspiring to also be reminded of what can happen when parents choose life.