1. The movie “Me Before You”, based on the novel of the same name in which a quadriplegic man falls in love with his caretaker only to decide to take his own life (with, in the end, her support (spoiler alert (too late))) hit theaters nationwide on Thursday. But death is rather un-sexy and the disabled community is rightfully outraged at Hollywood’s latest attempt to slap some lipstick on a rather unsavory topic. Need a primer before seeing, or deciding whether to see, the film? Check out CNA’s editorial here.


2. While “donating a kidney” doesn’t specifically make the list of corporeal works of mercy, that’s how one Indian bishop is celebrating this Jubilee Year. Bishop Jacob Muricken, auxiliary bishop of the Syro-Malabarese Diocese of Palai, donated a kidney this week to a 30-year-old Hindu man, who is the sole breadwinner for his family and who had been diagnosed with kidney failure.


3. Would you rather: A. Go to jail or B. Attend 18 hours of Baptist Sunday services? One Ohio Catholic man, eager to avoid prison, received the latter, more creative sentencing (his idea) from a judge last week, after he had been convicted of low-level assault against a Baptist street preacher. You can’t make this stuff up.

4. Catholics in France and Belgium – countries still recovering from brutal ISIS attacks – have experienced an uptick in numerous acts of violence and aggression, including fires set in churches, an assault on a priest, the desecration of a tabernacle and the hacking of more than 100 Catholic websites in recent weeks. In the meantime, Christians ousted from their homeland in Iraq by the same terrorist group are starting to ask the question: what comes next?

5. And in papal news this week, Pope Francis fulfilled the dreams of 13 year-old Veronica Cantero Burroni by greeting her at his general audience. An Argentinian girl who gets around in a wheel chair due to a neurological disease, Veronica is also an accomplished author, with five published books. Speaking to Argentinian reporters, Veronica said she told the Pope “that I loved him a lot. And he told me that they had told him that I was very good at writing and asked me to pray for him. And through his embrace, I realized that he loved me a lot.”

#PopeFrancis greets Verónica Cantero Ravines, the young winner of the Elsa Morante Prize for literature. She was awarded in Naples on May 30 and today after the general audience she gave the #Pope a copy of the book “El ladrón de sombras” which won the prize. Verónica Cantero Ravines was born on June 3, 2002, in Campana, #Argentine. She is the sixth of seven children. The birth was triplets and Veronica suffered a problem that affected her motor skills. She started writing at the age of eight and today there are already five books to her name. “The Thief of Shadows” is a surreal story that takes place within a group of teenagers. One of them steals the shadows of others. When his friends find out, they choose to help him change his attitude and no longer steal. #Catholic #CatholicChurch #ElsaMorantePrize #YearOfMercy #GreatStory #GodInMyLife 📷 by Daniel Ibanez / @catholicnewsagency

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Briefs: Archbishop Chaput clarifies his position on a committee responsible for the positive reception and implementation of the Pope’s latest encyclical, Amoris Laetitia. The late media mogul Mother Angelica was honored by Catholic communications professionals at the Catholic Media conference this week for her service. Why the military needs priests and why women don’t need IUDs. And finally, two questions: 1. Are you going to World Youth Day? 2. Are you following CNA on Snapchat? That will be one of our major sources of news during World Youth Day, which is just a few short weeks away! Our Snapchat username is: cnalive