Tim Harris is not your typical young adult. As many post-grads are still trying to figure out why in the world they thought it was a good idea to major in Comparative Literature only to get a job at Starbucks, Tim is pursuing his dreams.

At 27, he already has more medals than Michael Phelps, is a college graduate, and owns the “friendliest restaurant in the world” that serves breakfast, lunch and hugs.


He also happens to have Down syndrome.

Before our interview, I watched videos and read stories about Tim and was brought to tears by the joy and fervor Tim has for life.

For example, in one interview, Tim showed the cameras the dance he does every morning on the way to work.

“I am so excited to go to work so I do a dance off in the parking lot – it’s a dance of magic,” he explained.

Although we only spoke on the phone, Tim seems like the kind of guy who doesn’t get discouraged easily.

When I asked him what his inspiration was for the restaurant he simply said, “My inspiration is that I have wanted to own a restaurant since I was a kid.”

Now thanks to the support of his family, he’s been able to achieve that dream.


Tim is also an accomplished Special Olympian and has won dozens of medals in events like volleyball, basketball, golf and track and field.

Need more proof that Tim Harris is the man?

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