On a recent mission trip to the village of Llupa, Peru, twelve missionaries with the Catholic group Creatio helped build cleaner cookstoves for the people of the village. Here’s why:

“We went into the old houses and you could see from the old cookstoves smoke and soot all over the walls from the smoke coming off of the stoves,” one of the missionaries explained.


“So we came and built new stoves for them to use with chimneys so the smoke escapes safely and they aren’t breathing it in,” she said.

The missionaries were traveling with Creatio, a Catholic non-profit with a mission to “to guide all people to encounter the beauty of creation and the Creator through service to the poor, mission trips, outdoor adventure, and environmental stewardship.”

Around 8 people per minute die globally from regular exposure to smoke from indoor cooking fires. More than half are deaths among children under five years old.

“By sourcing local materials to build and install clean cookstoves, we will make a significant impact in eliminating these devastating health impacts,” Creatio explains on their website.

The missionaries work with installation experts to install the stoves, and the local people are educated on the dangers of indoor open fire cooking, and on how to install the stoves.

Besides helping build the new stoves, the missionaries spent time playing with and teaching catechesis to the children of the village.

The best part of the trip was spending time with the people of the village, another missionary explained.


“We just spent time together, and there’s no distractions like TV or the media or the internet. We’re just all here living in community with them…and it’s just taught me a better, purer way to live my life.”


To learn more about this mission trip and others with Creatio, visit: http://creatio.org/causes/build-clean-cookstoves-in-peru/

Update 3/17: A previous version of this blog said that Creatio was an apostolate of the Christian Life Movement. While the two groups work closely together, Creatio is an independent non-profit. We regret the error.