Book Reviews2Surprised by Canon Law, volume 2: more questions Catholics ask about canon law

Book written by: Pete Vere and Michael Trueman


Two of the authors of the book, “Surprised by Canon Law: 150 questions Catholics ask about canon law” have written this sequel as a supplement to their first volume.  The authors are both canon lawyers from Canada who received their canon law degrees from St. Paul University in Ottawa, Canada. 


In this second volume, the authors cover various subjects such as: religious orders, parish life, church goods, bishops, Vatican offices, the canonization of saints, the safeguarding the security of the Sacraments among other topics.  The book also has a chapter on the Code of Canons for the Eastern Churches that are in communion with the Pope. 


Vere and Trueman introduce the reader to parts of canon law that were not covered in their first volume.  In this easily readable book, the authors list questions and provide the answers.  The book also teaches about the Catholic Church on topics some may take for granted or are unaware of.


This book is recommended to those interested in the Canon Law of the Catholic Church.


Pete Vere is a co-author of Pied Piper of Atheism (2008), Tomorrow Christendom (2005), Surprised by Canon Law:  150 questions Catholics ask about canon law (2005) (which he co-authored with Michael Trueman and Patrick Madrid), and More Catholic than the Pope (2004).  He also writes for various Catholic publications.

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