August 08, 2019

Announcement from the ‘Editor’s Desk’

By JD Flynn
Credit: Forest Run/Shutterstock
Credit: Forest Run/Shutterstock

At CNA, we like making podcasts a lot. And we’re blessed, because you, or at least some of you, seem to enjoy listening to them.

This week, we’re expanding our podcast offerings.

In addition to offering CNA Newsroom each week, we’re also launching ‘CNA Editor’s Desk,’ a podcast that will bring you conversations with CNA’s editors.

Think of ‘Editor’s Desk’ as an expansion of our Bonus Episodes. We’ll talk about the news each week, and from time to time, we’ll bring on expert guests and voices from our audience. We’ll feature the games you love, like PTEI and Yes/No, and maybe invent new games. You’ll love it. Trust us.

Keep your subscription to CNA Newsroom, and look for that podcast each week. But if you liked listening to our ‘bonus episodes’— subscribe now to ‘Editor’s Desk.’

Thanks, and happy listening!

Subscribe to Editor’s Desk on your preferred podcast app using these links:

And whatever app you use and you should find it.

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