September 21, 2009

God’s spoiled children

By Sean McPherson *

While trudging along to a 5:00 p.m. theology class, I was exhausted. The whole week was draining from tests to late night study sessions and the classroom was the last place I wanted to be. The teacher began and I did my best to pay attention to the lecture – and to my surprise, the Old Testament, Biblical History class opened my eyes.

Throughout the Old Testament, God was always in favor of his people. No matter what the circumstances were, from the first Fall, to the Israelites’ slavery in Egypt, God truly has always had what is best in mind for all of humanity. This crucial concept to the Judeo-Christian faith is something that is easy to forget, especially in the midst of stressful times, but it remains true nonetheless. It is faith that allows us to constantly remember that God has a plan, a perfect design of life, for each and every one of us. One must bring this faith to all aspects of life and continually praise and thank God for the times when his consolations are both transparent and foggy.

This being said, I think it is necessary to reflect on different times in your life when God guided you to exactly what you needed. Sometimes this is difficult because not everything has been revealed, but have faith and pray for the gift of wisdom to see the situation in the light of the Holy Spirit. In time, may it be months or years, through diligence to God’s will, the events in your life will be known to have a Divine Purpose. When you do have the eyes to see clearly the drive behind every event in your life, you will soon realize that you are constantly spoiled by God the Father.

Here is my top 10 list of knowing that I am in God’s spoiled son so far in college:

10) I was introduced to a great campus minister, Brett Perkins, before arriving on campus.

9) My dorm room is located conveniently across the hall from the chapel.

8) My academic advisor was in the army…enough said.

7) The Notre Dame football team is in for a great season.

6) I have met several great chemistry tutors.

5) The Denver Broncos pulled off a miraculous play making it very easy to write my four page English paper.

4) I am surrounded by people who love to play ultimate frisbee.

3) The Notre Dame football team is in for a great season (it is so great it needs to be said twice).

2) Notre Dame has the 2nd best college food in the nation.

1) My Guardian Angel woke me up, after alarm confusion, in the nick of time to make my Chemistry exam (don’t worry mom and dad, it won’t happen again).


Sean McPherson is a sophomore at the University of Notre Dame, where he is studying chemical engineering and theology.

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