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A pro-life triptych

By Bishop Thomas J. Tobin

According to the dictionary, a triptych is “a set of three associated artistic, literary or musical works intended to be appreciated together.”... (Read more)

Holy Saturday Homily

By Aaron Lambert

Among the many great treasures of being a Christian is the treasury of inspired reflections we have given to us in our unbroken Christian... (Read more)

Amoris Laetitia – The Great Debate

By Bishop Thomas J. Tobin

If you follow news about the Catholic Church at all, you’re already aware of an historic debate taking place in the Church right now concerning... (Read more)
The news of Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation struck with the suddenness of grace.Usually, a changing of the guard at the Vatican is preceded... (Read more)

Pot Robertson and the war on drugs

By Christopher Stefanick

By Christopher Stefanick Forgive the title. I couldn’t resist. I do respect Pat Robertson for the good things he’s done, but as a lifelong youth... (Read more)

Electronics, Imagination, and Advent Beauty

By Sr. Joan L. Roccasalvo, C.S.J.

One cannot travel by public transportation without noticing that most adults and children are engrossed in their electronic devices, which have... (Read more)
World Youth Day 2011 is now finished and the Diocese of Fargo was blessed to have two groups go — a diocesan group and a group from Holy Spirit... (Read more)
In today’s society, the principle of tolerance has become the clarion call for people of diverse views, moral convictions and religious beliefs to... (Read more)
Anthony interviews Ann Hanincik about the different aspects of marriage preparation. (Read more)
I once said that I'd die to keep abortion legal and easily accessible, and I meant it. I was vehemently pro-choice, as were most of the women in... (Read more)

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