A Life Worth Living

Beginning next year, American women will have access to publicly-funded contraceptives under the Obama healthcare plan — and all without... (Read more)
A few weeks back, I wrote a post describing how “marriage equality” isn’t really about ensuring “equal rights.”Now, a recent piece at CFMPL’s... (Read more)
I’m going to go out on a limb here and say something that might not win me many friends: “What the Church says” about many things isn’t clear.... (Read more)
A phenomenon of recent advances in medical science has been the advent of “snowflake babies” — human embryos, created via IVF, and frozen prior to... (Read more)

Proud to be an Ohioan

By Andrew Haines

Not often does Ohio top the charts when it comes to something to be proud of. I would know. I’m from Ohio. We’ve got the Rust Belt, the Cleveland... (Read more)
Contrary to popular belief, the debate over “marriage equality” — i.e., admitting that same-sex unions can be tantamount to marital unions — is... (Read more)

Scandal: The forgotten sin

By Andrew Haines

Recent events having transpired—e.g., Fr. John Corapi’s “bombshell” plan to leave the priesthood, Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Twitter dalliances,... (Read more)
I just read a really interesting book: Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids: Why Being a Great Parent is Less Work and More Fun Than You Think. In... (Read more)
I spend too much time on Facebook. I’m working to fix that. Recently, I’ve gotten a little help from an unexpected place. About 90% of my... (Read more)

What’s in a gender?

By Andrew Haines

I’m frankly surprised this has garnered so much attention. But it has, and it probably should.Very recently, a Toronto, Ontario couple—Kathy... (Read more)

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