Answering the Tough Questions

Saint Gianna Beretta Molla

By Father Rocky Hoffman

On May, 16 2004 I considered myself extremely fortunate to watch (via TV, of course!) Pope John Paul II canonize Gianna Beretta Molla to become... (Read more)

A reader replies

By Father Rocky Hoffman

I am writing in response to the “Marriage outside the Church.” I am appalled and disgusted that you would recommend that “all of his Catholic... (Read more)

Falling away Catholics

By Father Rocky Hoffman

I came from a practicing, totally loyal Catholic family. However, through the years, some of our children (sons, daughters, nieces and nephews)... (Read more)
I have often read that St. Thérèse of Lisieux suffered from spiritual dryness.” Can you please explain exactly what is “spiritual... (Read more)

The uncreated Creator

By Father Rocky Hoffman

I have a non-Christian friend who asked me to explain how it is that God did not have a beginning.  I could not explain this challenging aspect of... (Read more)

Do it yourself baptism

By Father Rocky Hoffman

I have friend who has never been baptized. She originally came from Catholic parents who later divorced and for some reason she was never... (Read more)

Marriage, divorce and canonical form

By Father Rocky Hoffman

I know that the Catholic Church says that as Catholics we cannot divorce and remarry.  But is it true that it will be allowed as long as my first... (Read more)

Cardinal Law

By Father Rocky Hoffman

I have a question regarding Cardinal Bernard Law, once residing in Boston and now in Rome. It seems evident from the notoriety of the sex abuse... (Read more)

Christian archeology

By Father Rocky Hoffman

Do we know when the first church building was constructed and where it was located? If not, what is the oldest known church building that has... (Read more)

New edition of the Divine Office

By Father Rocky Hoffman

Is there going to be a new edition of the Divine Office? I ask because numerous saints were canonized during the papacy of John Paul II and the... (Read more)

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