Answering the Tough Questions

For a life time I have remained after Mass for a Thanksgiving prayer, usually also saying the St. Michael prayer and the prayers on the back of... (Read more)

Burial in a Catholic cemetery

By Father Rocky Hoffman

I am in my 70s and through my life it was always taught that when a Catholic dies it is very important that they be buried in a Catholic cemetery... (Read more)

Doubtful baptism

By Father Rocky Hoffman

Hello!  I am a former protestant who became a Catholic as an adult.  When I went through the RCIA process, my baptism was accepted as valid since... (Read more)

The pastoral dilemma of Confirmation

By Father Rocky Hoffman

I have a question regarding confirmation. Is it the parent’s duty to see that their child is confirmed in the Catholic Church or is it the child’s... (Read more)

Offertory procession

By Father Rocky Hoffman

We use the processional candles instead of the processional cross at our church to escort the gift-bearers to the altar. I have read commentary... (Read more)

Recourse to civil divorce

By Father Rocky Hoffman

In  the “Catechism of the Catholic Church,” Part Three, IV.  Offenses Against the Dignity of Marriage, Divorce, 2383, it states, “If civil divorce... (Read more)
Where can I find information on the Catholic teachings on the First Commandment and "graven images"?  Various Christian denominations have... (Read more)

Psalms to live by

By Father Rocky Hoffman

I had a question about music at Mass and substituting songs for the Psalm. During Mass on the Feast of Christ the King, the proper Psalm for Mass... (Read more)

How to close an abortion clinic

By Father Rocky Hoffman

I remember reading a few years ago that women were being steered away from abortion by giving them a blessed rosary. I’m wondering if there has... (Read more)

A different type of Organ transplant

By Father Rocky Hoffman

Will you direct me to a source that will substantiate the Church’s preference given to the organ for Mass?  Our music director has arranged to... (Read more)

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