Answering the Tough Questions

My question concerns travel to China.  What is the best way to meet the Sunday obligation to attend Mass?  Any visible churches are part of the... (Read more)

Another time, another place

By Father Rocky Hoffman

At our local parish, a deacon's homily was a eulogy for one of his friends. It seems a eulogy to praise people at Sunday Masses when we are there... (Read more)
I have a question that is very troubling. One of my friends was a teacher who taught disabled children for two years. She related a case to me of... (Read more)

Priest, prophet, king

By Father Rocky Hoffman

Where does “priest, prophet and king” appear in the Bible?  Are we as good Catholics considered priest, prophet and king? I don’t think you will... (Read more)

Infertility as a reason for adoption

By Father Rocky Hoffman

I was wondering how and under what circumstances the Church approves of adoption, in light of the Church's teaching that in vitro and in utero... (Read more)

Mentioning prayer intentions at Mass

By Father Rocky Hoffman

In our parish, the priest doesn’t pray for the people who are sick. We have a prayer chain and once in a while the priest will mention to pray for... (Read more)

Mass intentions

By Father Rocky Hoffman

Could you please tell me about Mass Intentions? The Holy Eucharist is the source and summit of the interior life and the very life of the... (Read more)

Incense the tabernacle?

By Father Rocky Hoffman

At a recent Mass I participated in, the altar, priest, crucifix, the offering on the altar and the people were incensed except for the Tabernacle.... (Read more)
My nephew is marrying outside the church; although baptized, he hasn't been to church in years.  Should his Catholic relatives attend?  Of course... (Read more)

The ABC’s and D’s of indulgences

By Father Rocky Hoffman

Does anyone remember the A-B-C-D indulgences that could be placed on rosaries when they were blessed?  This dates back to the fifties and I... (Read more)

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