Answering the Tough Questions

What is the proper procedure for washing the towel, the purificator and other linens and vessels used in the Mass? Thank you for your help. And... (Read more)

No need for two weddings

By Father Rocky Hoffman

My fiancé and I would like to have two Catholic weddings. You see, we are college students applying for graduate school, and we will be more... (Read more)

Verses for the Agnus Dei?

By Father Rocky Hoffman

I have a question about music in the Mass. Are we supposed to sing “verses” for the Agnus Dei rather than to repeat Lamb of God three times, or... (Read more)

Eucharistic protocols

By Father Rocky Hoffman

In a local Catholic church that I occasionally attend with a dear friend of mine, the tabernacle is not located in the sanctuary, or even in the... (Read more)

Protocol for extraordinary ministers

By Father Rocky Hoffman

I have a question about Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion coming up on the altar before receiving Communion. “Legal” or not? Not legal to... (Read more)

Signs of mortality

By Father Rocky Hoffman

Could please tell me the significance of the skull that appears at the base of some religious statues? I am not sure which statues you refer to,... (Read more)
What does “proclaim Your death” mean, exactly? It sounds almost celebratory. Does it truly mean, “we remember Your death?” If so, ought not it be... (Read more)

American flag in the sanctuary

By Father Rocky Hoffman

We have had the American Flag at the side of the sanctuary for years and years and now our new pastor has decided he doesn't want it there, only... (Read more)
How can I answer the statement below that an atheist sent me? “So what does the Bible tell us? Who should we kill?  Homosexuals (Lev. 20:13,... (Read more)

Third Orders

By Father Rocky Hoffman

What exactly is a Third Order, and what must a person do to become a member of one? “Third Order” is typically an association of the lay faithful... (Read more)

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