Answering the Tough Questions

Communion rails

By Father Rocky Hoffman

Why are Catholic churches/parishes bringing back communion rails? Not all Catholic churches are bringing back communion rails, nor are many, but... (Read more)

Tithing and sacrificial giving

By Father Rocky Hoffman

Could you please tell me more about what the Catholic Church believes about tithing? Tithing is first mentioned in the books of the Old... (Read more)


By Father Rocky Hoffman

A dear friend in a neighboring state lives in a parish with two deacons. She sponsors RCIA candidates, teaches RCIA, CCD, and now she and her... (Read more)

Discerning a religious vocation

By Father Rocky Hoffman

I am considering joining a religious order as a brother after certain obligations to my family are met. I am interested in orders active in... (Read more)

Scapular usage

By Father Rocky Hoffman

I have grown up wearing the traditional brown scapular, but recently noticed that they have come out with many types of scapular jewelry.  I am... (Read more)

Formation of conscience

By Father Rocky Hoffman

Is it truly possible for someone to “kill” his conscience — that is, to make it completely inoperable so that he has no moral discernment at all?... (Read more)


By Father Rocky Hoffman

Is the use of viagra morally acceptable by the Catholic Church? The morality of the use of any medicine depends on the object, the intention, and... (Read more)

Repentance for sterilization

By Father Rocky Hoffman

Pope Paul VI’s encyclical “Humanae Vitae” “teaches that each and every marriage act must remain open to the transmission of life.”  If a man has a... (Read more)

Is only Rome right?

By Father Rocky Hoffman

I would like some information about being a Catholic and a question my daughter has, are all churches the same?  Do we have to be Catholic to get... (Read more)

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