From the Bishops

A requiem for God

By Bishop Arthur Serratelli

Young people fleeing in panic. Shots ringing out. Police swarming the building. Screams. Tears. Anxious parents huddled together. News media... (Read more)
The impending collision of Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day on the calendar this year might seem like an insurmountable conflict to some, and... (Read more)

Artificial contraception: its sad effects

By Bishop Arthur Serratelli

Written for the musical Hair, the song “Age of Aquarius” became an overnight success worldwide. It glamorized and promoted the counterculture of... (Read more)

Time to act on DACA

By Archbishop José H. Gomez

Once again, we begin a new year with uncertainty and fear over immigration, and this year our leaders in Congress face a hard deadline. On... (Read more)

Following the light

By Bishop James D. Conley

An epiphany is a moment of startling clarity; a moment when the truth is suddenly and blindingly clear to us. An epiphany is the moment when we... (Read more)

The New Year and Tradition

By Bishop Arthur Serratelli

Out with old, in with the new! That is literally how some people welcome in the New Year. In some parts of Italy, especially in the south,... (Read more)

The elderly: respected and valued by God

By Bishop Arthur Serratelli

Each year, Christmas gives the biggest economic boost to our economy. To celebrate the day, over eighty-six percent of Americans purchase gifts... (Read more)
In the center of modern Rome, on the banks of the Tiber, there humbly rises a dilapidated ruin that once stood as a proud building of Imperial... (Read more)

Thanksgiving: life to the fullest

By Bishop Arthur Serratelli

Like the pilgrims who gathered with their neighbors at Plymouth Rock after their first successful harvest in 1621, the early American colonists... (Read more)

Hell: a most unpopular idea

By Bishop Arthur Serratelli

For the last twenty-five years, the moral landscape of our country has been changing. More and more people argue against the death penalty as a... (Read more)