Book Reviews

For Greater Glory

By Chris Gilbert

What’s the cost of religious liberty?  Perhaps your life.  In a short companion to the epic film, For Greater Glory: The True Story of... (Read more)

The sophomoric imagination

By Msgr. Richard Antall

R. Jay Magill’s book Sincerity (W.W. Norton: 2012) was reviewed in the Wall Street Journal and that tricked me into thinking that it was a serious... (Read more)
Flipping on the news on any given day can be overwhelming, and trying to form a political stance from it all can be quite daunting.  How do we... (Read more)
We all know the parable of the prodigal son. The prodigal goes to his father, demands his inheritance early, and wisps away to waste his... (Read more)
Compiled by Peter Celano It is challenging to focus on preparing for the true meaning of Christmas when every commercial environment is promoting... (Read more)
Book written by: Linda and Rocco Maniscalco Family traditions are often at the heart of childhood memories, and this is even more the case if the... (Read more)

Catholic health and wellness

By Cheryl Dickow

The path to Hell is paved with good intentions. I don’t get that. It seems to me that good intentions ought to be worth more than a ticket to... (Read more)
In 2005, Harvard scholar Stephen Greenblatt published a wonderful book on Shakespeare called “Will in the World.”  Witty, insightful and... (Read more)


By Katherine Haas

Few authors truly succeed in transporting their reader to another environment while portraying the positive and the negative in equal lights.... (Read more)
Book written by: Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel C.F.R.  Cincinnati, Ohio : Servant Books, 2010.  159 pages.  Paperback.  ISBN 978-0-86716-984-3. ... (Read more)

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