Both Oars In

Goodbye, at least for now

By Deacon Patrick Moynihan

Last week, Maureen Dowd, a celebrated columnist for the New York Times, waded into the debate on whether or not the statue of Joe Paterno should... (Read more)

Got gas? Yeah, a lot!

By Deacon Patrick Moynihan

Even with the invasion of campaign ads on YouTube and the copious coverage of the candidates’ stump speeches, there is one topic that we have... (Read more)

Engaging where we live

By Deacon Patrick Moynihan

We are not North America. We may have more than twice the number of citizens and over six times the gross domestic product [GDP] as our two... (Read more)

A Second Look at AGOA

By Deacon Patrick Moynihan

I had three distinct reactions to Nicholas Kristof’s June 30th op-ed titled “Africa on the Rise.” First, I was put off by his generalizations.... (Read more)

Shifting Perspectives

By Deacon Patrick Moynihan

While watching a movie about British retirees struggling to adapt to their unexpected second life in India, I realized that I had missed a... (Read more)

Migration is rational

By Deacon Patrick Moynihan

“Time Magazine” hit the stands last week with an intentionally provocative cover, picturing people from around the world with the caption “We... (Read more)
During the past five years, my weight has rollercoastered between a fit 185 and an obese 226 pounds. At 200, I am currently just shy of being... (Read more)

Loyalty of one

By Deacon Patrick Moynihan

In a newly released unauthorized biography of President Obama, Edward Klein reveals that Mr. Clinton urged Mrs. Clinton, as recently as last... (Read more)

Keeping my digital me to myself

By Deacon Patrick Moynihan

Twice in the past month, I have received urgent emails asking for money from friends whose accounts had been compromised by hacker-con artists.... (Read more)

The practicality of truth

By Deacon Patrick Moynihan

For a nation that holds truth in such high regard, we are often lackadaisical about seeking it. Disagree? Be honest, when was the last time you... (Read more)

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