Catholic Men

The Purity Story

By Brian Caulfield

My parents met at a parish social in New York City soon after my dad returned from a World War II navy stint. They were both Catholic high... (Read more)

How do you know you’re a man?

By Brian Caulfield

Guys of a certain age will remember Chuck Connors, TV’s version of Charlton Heston, who blasted his way across the small screen as “The... (Read more)

Our many hues of blue

By Jason Godin

Colors both captivate our ordinary senses and, at the same time, capture extraordinary meanings. Consider blue. It can describe how low we... (Read more)
The world is waiting for God. This is one lesson we can take from the “Mystery Priest” incident earlier this month in Missouri, when a Catholic... (Read more)

Because she said 'yes'

By Jason Godin

The Solemnity of the Assumption (Aug. 15) celebrates the Immaculate Mother of God being taken up body and soul to heaven. The Queenship of... (Read more)

The Freedom of Chastity

By Jason Godin

My column in this space, two years ago this month, identified lust as a form of slavery that distorts human sexuality. To the stunned... (Read more)

'Lumen Fidei' for Families

By Brian Caulfield

Joy! That was my immediate reaction when I heard that Pope Francis was releasing his first encyclical on the topic of faith. I know papal... (Read more)

Moments with millennials

By Jason Godin

The decisions Windsor v. U.S. and Hollingsworth v. Perry reached by the U.S. Supreme Court on June 26 reflect attitudes held among many... (Read more)

James for July

By Jason Godin

The sounds of technology seem to amplify in July. Cellular phones chirp with greater urgency as we try to get away for vacation. Ear buds... (Read more)

Six steps to joy

By Randy Hain

Recently, I had coffee with a fellow Catholic who gloomily shared his ongoing struggles with living out his faith openly in the world and... (Read more)