Catholic Men

The Fortnight for Freedom begins on June 21. For the secondtime in as many years, prayers and activities will seek to educate Americansabout... (Read more)

Beyond its beads

By Jason Godin

Rosaries seem so simple to the senses, initially. Eyes find spheres in a circle linked to additional spheres and a crucifix. Ears hear what... (Read more)

Letter to my sons

By Randy Hain

Being a father can seem daunting, and at times we fail to say what we mean or do what we say. Thinking about this the other day, I decided to... (Read more)

Catholic Memorial Days

By Jason Godin

Memorial Day first began as Decoration Day. The Grand Army of the Republic – the group of Union veterans that survived the American Civil... (Read more)

The 'shock' of Gosnell

By Brian Caulfield

Sickened and horrified but not at all surprised. That’s how veteran pro-life activists have responded to the oh-so-late charges against and... (Read more)

Real men pray the Rosary

By Jason Godin

On May 13, 1917, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared for the first time to three shepherd children in Fatima, Portugal. She shone radiantly... (Read more)
You can tell from the title that this column will border on the frivolous, but given the tragedies our nation experienced last month, which still... (Read more)

An Iron Lady of Siena

By Jason Godin

Among the many admirable accolades that the late Margaret Thatcher accumulated over 30 years in public life, perhaps none looms larger or... (Read more)

Boston solidarity

By Brian Caulfield

My 8-year-old son will receive his First Holy Communion next month, so I was struck with an overflowing sense of empathy when I saw the online... (Read more)

Taxing their patience

By Brian Caulfield

My seventh-grade son is covering the Constitution and government structure in History class. While driving to school the other day, we were... (Read more)

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