Catholic Men

They were there at the 7:30 a.m. Mass in my parish on Easter Sunday as well as Masses throughout the day. Faces I had never seen before filled... (Read more)

Life everlasting

By Brian Caulfield

It’s not difficult to teach the resurrection to kids. First, most grade schoolers have not seen too much of death, so they have a natural... (Read more)
This week Christians will weep within shadows cast by the Crucifixion before shedding tears of joy outside the empty tomb that radiates the... (Read more)

True Catholic 'rebels'

By Randy Hain

In our secular culture, it’s easy to gain approval by criticizing the Church. Perhaps today’s true Catholic rebels stand out by embracing Church... (Read more)

The 'conclave' within

By Jason Godin

As the cardinals gather to elect the next Bishop of Rome and Successor of St. Peter, it is time to reflect on what this event means to the world... (Read more)

Benedict’s final lesson

By Brian Caulfield

When I picked up my two boys from school last Thursday, they were all abuzz with news. Rather than bellyaching about homework or teasing... (Read more)

Benedictine individuality

By Jason Godin

Pope Benedict XVI ends his eight-year pontificate on February 28. The decision by the Holy Father to step aside has resulted in a range of... (Read more)

Our humble Pope

By Brian Caulfield

With Pope Benedict XVI’s surprise announcement that he is stepping down, people have been sharing their favorite papal memories. I was... (Read more)

Faith language lessons

By Jason Godin

Lent begins this week by recalling remembrance of our origin – dust – and earthly outcome – a return to dust. The weeks after Ash Wednesday... (Read more)

Regular Catholic heroes

By Randy Hain

Do you seek good examples for yourself, your children or your grandchildren to emulate because you hope they will demonstrate in word and... (Read more)

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