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Get over it!

By Anthony Buono

Have you ever had someone tell you to get over it when you’re expressing the pain of a failed relationship?It’s not easy to get over it. ... (Read more)
I read a recent article that started out by saying that “all marriages start off very selfishly.” He went on to say that people realize into the... (Read more)
... from a distance it looks like it could be interesting, but up close, it’s just a ton of crap you don’t need.These are the words from... (Read more)
Dear Anthony,I have gotten very serious recently with a man I met on Ave Maria Singles. My only reservation so far is that I have never... (Read more)
Dear Anthony,I’m frustrated. I have dated several women now that I really hit it off with and then they end up wanting the upper hand in the... (Read more)

Seven types of false love

By Anthony Buono

There is nothing quite like being in love and sharing a loving relationship. You often hear about finding “true love,” but we seldom stop to... (Read more)

Would you date you?

By Anthony Buono

Would the type of person you are praying to meet and fall in love with find you attractive? When and if it should happen that you meet... (Read more)
Dear Anthony,I’ve recently started dating a girl who everyone says is wrong for me. They don’t like that I broke up with a girl who seemed... (Read more)
“I know a great little place where we can get some good, authentic Catholic cuisine.” How would you react if your date made that statement?... (Read more)
“Dear Anthony,I’m absolutely fed up! I’m done! I’m tired of the singles trap and everyone telling me it’s just not my turn yet! Why isn’t it my... (Read more)

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