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Marriage is a practical sacrament and institution. It requires two people who not only “want” to be married, but are capable of living out... (Read more)

Is your love life childish?

By Anthony Buono

We’re like children, we’re not men! Classic line of a favorite Seinfeld episode I got to watch again the other day called “The Engagement.” I... (Read more)
Dumb guys go for dumb girls, and smart guys go for dumb girls. So what do smart girls get? A cat!That’s a little joke I have come across that’s... (Read more)
In the Sunday reading of St. Paul this week, we heard how the proof of love is that we love our neighbor as ourselves.Many people might be prone... (Read more)

Should we get engaged?

By Anthony Buono

Dear Anthony, My boyfriend and I have been good friends for the past five years and we just began dating a little over eight months ago. We have... (Read more)

I want to hold your hand

By Anthony Buono

Few things are as beautiful and inspirational to me as being on the beach. There is something about watching the sea and listening to the waves... (Read more)

Can I afford to date?

By Anthony Buono

Dear Anthony,I only make $35,000, and the woman I just started dating makes about the same. It’s hard for me to find work that pays more. I want... (Read more)

The roles of men and women

By Anthony Buono

I have to laugh a bit as I write this article responding to the feedback of last week’s article, responding to a previous article, responding to... (Read more)

Wanted: Dating Catholic Male

By Anthony Buono

I thought I might make a kind of a “job description” for men interested in dating and finding love that ends in sacramental marriage. It might... (Read more)
Many single Catholics who have never been married have no interest in considering someone who has been married before as a future spouse. Not even... (Read more)