After decades of spy movies dominated by men, the emergence of a woman able to hold her own as a virtual Jane Bond might seem long overdue. In the... (Read more)

Movie Review – “Dunkirk”

By Carl Kozlowski

The Battle of Dunkirk was one of the most devastating moments for Allied Forces in World War II, resulting in nearly 400,000 British, French and... (Read more)
The idea of mankind being trapped in a world where apes have managed to evolve and turn the tables by dominating humans has proven fascinating... (Read more)

Movie review - "Baby Driver"

By Carl Kozlowski

There are few greater visceral joys in movies than an expertly choreographed car chase, and the film “Baby Driver” is packed with them. Following... (Read more)
Even in a cinematic world overrun with sequels, reboots and superheroes, Spider-Man stands out as one character particularly at risk of... (Read more)
The media may tell us that the rich and powerful are the people to focus upon in society, while ignoring the far greater masses who just try to... (Read more)
Humans are generally a trusting species, with most people willing to make new friends and help strangers in times of need. But there are times... (Read more)

Movie Review - "Mummy"

By Carl Kozlowski

Between his 1983 breakthrough in “Risky Business” and “Collateral” in 2004, it seemed Tom Cruise could do no wrong. But ever since he went off the... (Read more)

Movie Review - "Wonder Woman"

By Carl Kozlowski

There have been more than 40 superhero movies since “Batman Begins” established the current wave of comic book films in 2005. It’s easy to feel... (Read more)
Hollywood has been having a hard time coming up with original ideas over the past several years. With countless superhero movies, reboots of old... (Read more)