This weekend brings us two movies about religion: the Christian-themed movie “The Shack,” based on the huge bestseller by William P. Young, Wayne... (Read more)

Movie Review: “Logan”

By Carl Kozlowski

All good things must come to an end, and that’s been the case with some of the most iconic teamings of actors and roles in film history. Sean... (Read more)
It's been a pretty dire year for movies so far, with the few bright spots coming from the leftover Oscar contenders from last year that opened in... (Read more)

Movie Review - "Lion"

By Carl Kozlowski

The need to know one’s roots and have a sense of belonging in this world is an innately human desire. Imagine if one wrong move made when you were... (Read more)

Movie Review: "The Salesman"

By Carl Kozlowski

Amid the worldwide chaos wrought by President Trump’s ban on allowing the citizens of seven Islamic nations including Iran into the United States,... (Read more)
Long-distance relationships add a burden to plenty of people, but imagine the teenage angst that would arise if a human boy living on Mars and an... (Read more)

Oscar Picks

By Carl Kozlowski

A year after the Academy Awards were criticized and boycotted for a complete lack of minority representation in the major categories, the 2017... (Read more)

"Split" Review

By Carl Kozlowski

There’s no filmmaker today who loves to throw audiences for a loop more than M. Night Shyamalan. For a while it worked, with “The Sixth Sense,”... (Read more)
Considering all the classics he has made, ranging from “Taxi Driver” and “Raging Bull” to “Goodfellas” and the Best Picture-winning “The Departed”... (Read more)
This is the best time of year for movies, as noble-minded films fill theaters while hoping to draw attention on the way to winning Oscar gold.... (Read more)

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