Dr. Alice von Hildebrand

True charity and wishy-washy softness

By Alice von Hildebrand

To love another person is to respond to his beauty and value (whether it is his ontological value as a child of God or whether it is a personal... (Read more)
My Dear Friend: I am sure you have sometimes found yourself sitting next to an unknown person at a dinner party; you try to engage in a... (Read more)

Praise of receptivity

By Alice von Hildebrand

When I entered grammar school aged five, one of the great names that I was soon acquainted with were Plato and Aristotle. Clearly both of them... (Read more)

The Joy of Being Indebted

By Alice von Hildebrand

The word bankruptcy is a nightmare to finance people. Literature is eloquent on this topic. Consider Charles Dickens’ Little Dorrit, among many... (Read more)

The Eloquence of Silence

By Alice von Hildebrand

There is a Latin proverb worth meditating upon: “si tacuises philosophus manssises.” It eloquently tells us that our tongue can easily betray... (Read more)

Love and friendship

By Alice von Hildebrand

There is a type of love which is possible only between man and woman and usually leads to marriage – a relationship characterized by the fact that... (Read more)

The art of helping

By Alice von Hildebrand

When one reaches a certain age, one becomes increasingly dependent on the help and kindness of others, whether family, friends or neighbors.... (Read more)

Can women sing with a bass voice?

By Alice von Hildebrand

Our Holy Father has appointed a commission to examine whether or not women should be granted the diaconate. The question I raise is: Is it truly... (Read more)

The Caricature of Democracy

By Alice von Hildebrand

Dedicated by the author to Bob Luddy. In our culture, the word “democracy” has been granted a dignity that rivals the one that used to be... (Read more)

Reverence: the mother of all virtues

By Alice von Hildebrand

One of the many ethical gems that Plato has left us is to be found in his last work: "The Laws" – a work alas often neglected by scholars. Born in... (Read more)

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