Dr. Alice von Hildebrand

Two types of blindness

By Alice von Hildebrand

Plato’s name has been mentioned more than once in these pages. He deserves to be mentioned once again. Hopefully, you are acquainted with his... (Read more)
I am sure that, like most people, you have often been tempted to confuse the prudence practiced by “children of the world,” and the type of... (Read more)

True charity and wishy-washy softness

By Alice von Hildebrand

To love another person is to respond to his beauty and value (whether it is his ontological value as a child of God or whether it is a personal... (Read more)
My Dear Friend: I am sure you have sometimes found yourself sitting next to an unknown person at a dinner party; you try to engage in a... (Read more)

Praise of receptivity

By Alice von Hildebrand

When I entered grammar school aged five, one of the great names that I was soon acquainted with were Plato and Aristotle. Clearly both of them... (Read more)

The Joy of Being Indebted

By Alice von Hildebrand

The word bankruptcy is a nightmare to finance people. Literature is eloquent on this topic. Consider Charles Dickens’ Little Dorrit, among many... (Read more)

The Eloquence of Silence

By Alice von Hildebrand

There is a Latin proverb worth meditating upon: “si tacuises philosophus manssises.” It eloquently tells us that our tongue can easily betray... (Read more)

Love and friendship

By Alice von Hildebrand

There is a type of love which is possible only between man and woman and usually leads to marriage – a relationship characterized by the fact that... (Read more)

The art of helping

By Alice von Hildebrand

When one reaches a certain age, one becomes increasingly dependent on the help and kindness of others, whether family, friends or neighbors.... (Read more)

Can women sing with a bass voice?

By Alice von Hildebrand

Our Holy Father has appointed a commission to examine whether or not women should be granted the diaconate. The question I raise is: Is it truly... (Read more)

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