Faith on the Quad

Lessons from Manual Labor

By Sean McPherson

“The Lord God then took the man and settled him in the garden of Eden, to cultivate and care for it.” (Gen. 2:15)             As the hot sun... (Read more)

The Hour of Mercy

By Anthony Thomas

" often as you hear the clock strike the third hour, immerse yourself completely in My mercy, adoring and glorifying it; invoke its... (Read more)

Choosing to Love

By Beth LeDuc

I taught Totus Tuus last summer. Totus Tuus is a program utilized by several dioceses around the United States in which a group of four college... (Read more)


By Michelle Bauman

Ah, summer! That wonderful time each year when students get to relax and take a break from their hard work and strenuous studies. But for many... (Read more)

A Christian's Summer Work-Out

By Sean McPherson

Summer break is an extraordinary feeling for all of us students, whether we are in 1st grade or 15th. The relief from rigorous academics, more... (Read more)
Last weekend before I went on a retreat, I decided to clean out my room.  It looked spectacular – it was vacuumed, the bed was made, and... (Read more)

Working for Peace

By Michelle Bauman

Pope Benedict XVI recently concluded an eight-day visit to the Holy Land, during which he again and again proclaimed a message of peace, healing... (Read more)
I have spent this semester studying abroad in Rome, and it has been a wonderful experience. Over the last four months, I have been blessed with... (Read more)

Nothing Else Matters

By Beth LeDuc

Holy week is a time to remember the great suffering Christ endured for us. The scourging, the crowning, the mocking, the whipping, the nailing:... (Read more)
On Friday, March 20, the University of Notre Dame released the news that United States President Barack Obama will deliver the school’s... (Read more)

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