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A mother's reflections on the youth synod

By Dr. Grazie Pozo Christie

As a Catholic mother of five young people, I have been watching the Youth Synod with great interest and praying for its success. My husband and I... (Read more)

Book Review: When Women Pray

By Andrea Picciotti-Bayer

Catholic women in the United States – indeed, all Catholics – now face a test of our faith. The scandals across the church and Rome’s continued... (Read more)
Despite feeling humiliated and betrayed as a faithful Catholic, I am thankful for our summer of shame. I am grateful that a Pennsylvania grand... (Read more)
Back in October, when Harvey Weinstein’s exploits [crimes] became public, those of us who have been supportive of the Catholic Church’s teachings... (Read more)
If there is one thing news from around the world has proven over the course of the first half of 2018, it is that the crisis of clerical sexual... (Read more)

Looking Forward to Religious Freedom Week

By Andrea Picciotti-Bayer

The plight of persecuted Christians in the Middle East is shocking to American sensibilities. Because we are only occasionally reminded by the... (Read more)
Renewed interest in Catholicism from the most surprising places in America, New York City and Hollywood, signals that a seemingly secular world... (Read more)

All are called to holiness, even lawyers

By Andrea Picciotti-Bayer

Pope Francis last week issued a short letter about holiness. On the Call to Holiness in Today's World offers important considerations for those of... (Read more)
The recent outrage against Kevin Williamson’s conclusion that abortion should be treated as homicide, even if murder leads to execution, was... (Read more)
This week marks the 5th anniversary of the pontificate of Pope Francis. He has surprised the Church – and the rest of the world – with his... (Read more)

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