Indispensable Economics

There are many reasons for the general population, and the politicians who cater to their wishes, not to accept what the scholars tell it to be... (Read more)

The HHS mandate and economics

By Dr. William Luckey

Anyone who is living has heard of the dispute between the Obama administration and the Catholic Church regarding the Obamacare’s ruling that... (Read more)

'That's not fair!'

By Dr. William Luckey

The above expression brings me back to my childhood on the streets of New York City where we were always playing some kind of ball game. So many... (Read more)

Some economic laws of spirituality

By Dr. William Luckey

I cannot take any credit for this, and I am sorry that I did not think of it first.  The other day I was reading a book on spirituality and the... (Read more)

Introduction to economics II

By Dr. William Luckey

In our last article, we covered the fact that people make choices based on their values. The values are subjective to them. We stressed that this... (Read more)

Introduction to economics

By Dr. William Luckey

This is going to be a series of articles to help Catholics to understand economics.  Because of the serious deficit in the comprehension of... (Read more)

The parable of the new car

By Dr. William Luckey

Once upon a time, there was a man, let us say for the sake of the story it is me (it isn’t but if I did these things, I would be in the same state... (Read more)

The game is up

By Dr. William Luckey

Did you ever wonder why tuition at most Catholic universities has skyrocketed since you went there decades ago?  Did you ever why the tuition at... (Read more)

Raising the capital gains tax

By Dr. William Luckey

As everyone knows, the government has painted itself into a corner.  More and more spending on more programs, more bureaucracies, more... (Read more)

Crony capitalism and its remedy

By Dr. William Luckey

If you read my last article, “What Is a Humane Economy?,” you will notice that in there I brought up the subject of whether large corporations... (Read more)

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